Photo/Data management software

Photo/Data management software


Job Description

I am looking for a software/app solution for the following problem:

I need a system to enable me to collect data relating to a picture received wirelessly from our camera's. Pictures are received on our laptops/tablets in JPEG form in a file of our choosing. I require a system where the photo appears on screen within a framework so that we can add data fields to it, ie names, email addresses, Facebook tags etc. From there we want to be able to save the photo and data together but also send the photo to the email address input by our customers as well as uploading to social media sites as we require.

We will be using tablets for our customers to input details.

The work flow for the data is as follows:

a. Photo taken
b. Wirelessly transmitted to tablet
c. Appears on tablet within framework with data fields for customer to fill in
d. Image emailed to address and uploaded to social media if required
e. Image and data saved.

Skills: management, facebook