Salesforce developer Consultant

Salesforce developer Consultant


Job Description

We are looking for a expert developer who can implement our business requirements in Salesforce . Knowledge of configuring Salesforce is as necessary as being able to communicate with the Stakeholders and understand project details. Salesforce certified preferred.

Should have knowledge to configure the SalesForce apps into the platform developed. Knowledge of vacation rentals and Accounting terminology a huge plus.

Expertise in Salesforce
Strong Experience in API development
Experience in integration between multiple systems.
Database structures

Experience with Quickbooks
Knowledge of accounting
Telephony knowledge

Please answer the following questions along with your application:

1) What is S-Control? And What are their hosting and execution points?
2) What is the difference between ISNULL and ISBLANK in salesforce?
3) How does one delete a user from salesforce?
4) What are different ways of invoking apex class?
5) How can I split an incoming data (object) into salesforce to Parent - child relationship?
Please give me a pseudocode.
incoming data:
ID | field1 | field2 | criteria1importance | criteria1score | criteria1competitorscore | criteria2importance | criteria2score | criteria2competitorscore

Expected result of parent object :
ID | field1 | field2 | criteria(foreign key)

Expected result of child object :
criteriaName | importance | score | competitorScore

Please be willing to share your references of your previous clients.