Virtual Tourguide for Segway Rentals

Virtual Tourguide for Segway Rentals


Job Description

The client is a Segway tour operator. They need a working/stable prototype of a mobile website Segway tourguide. The prototype is for demo purposes and will have no backend integration, but needs to be fully functional and the optimal implementation is done in a way that would make it easy to integrate with a json based backend.
The website will have a visual map of the tour and an audio speak is guiding the directions and telling about the attractions so they do not need to check the map all the time. Once an attraction has been told about it should not be repeated on the same tour. The mobile device will be an iphone/ipod touch with a mobile internet/wifi hotspot connection.
Relevant information
Segways are allowed to drive on bike roads where possible, alternatively on normal streets.

html5, javascript, jquery, google maps, gmap3/gmap.js, Google TTS, Location Services, wifi

iphone/ipod touch

The main screen is the first page presented to the driver, here the driver can select between a predefined tour or customize their own tour by selecting a number of attractions.
Menu items

The page contains a list of various attractions. The driver can select the attractions they like and based on the selected attractions and current location the route for the tour ending at the starting point is calculated and the tourguide is started.
Attraction information
-Short Desctiption (used in list)
-Long Description (used for audio guide)
-Location (latitude, longitude, address)

The tours page contains a set of predefined tours with relevant attractions. When clicking one of the tours the tourguide is started.
-Predefined set of attractions

The map is the main tourguide screen where it all happens. The screen shows the tour on a map and shows the direction where to go. An audio guide speaks about the attractions when coming close to them.
-Track current location
-Complete tour route
-Markers indicating selected tour attractions
-Voice guide about attraction when coming close proximity to attraction
-Take me home button, gives directions back to a predefined home location
-Go back (to tours or attractions page)
Nice to have
-A voice indicating which directions to take on a regular basis (when you get off track)