Amazing VA Needed!

Amazing VA Needed!


Job Description

I'm looking for an AMAZING VA (Virtual Assistant) to help me manage my business.

This position is PERFECT for you, if:

- You’re able to solve account problems, billing problems and help people with anything they may need help with.

- You’re comfortable with online technology, are media savvy and know how to use Mail Chimp and social media. and the like.

- You’re a fantastic writer. You know how to write exactly what you mean, proof-read, and turn ideas into words. You're able to write excellent guest posts, articles and do research on topics relating to hair, beauty and fashion.

- You’re knowledgable (or willing to make yourself knowledgable) about hair care. We're a hair brand so having someone who understands our industry is key.

-You can access and are familiar with, Youtube, Vimeo. If you can edit videos that's a bonus (but not essential)

- You’re excellent with email and know how to use Gmail.

- You're happy to work weekends and will reply to emails within 24 hours.

- You’re 100% reliable. You're someone who doesn't just say they'll do something but actually gets it done! You're the type of person who goes above and beyond, is consistent and works to a very high standard.

- You’re 100% trustworthy. I want someone that is honest, polite, respectful and is a trustworthy person.

- You’re a calendar wizard. I need someone to help me stay focused on my business, and your help with my calendar is exactly what I need.

If you have experience with any of the following, that would be great:

- Mail Chimp, Gmail, WordPress
- Billing and accounting.
- Dropbox and Google Docs
- Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Vimeo.

This position is NOT for you if:

- You’re a technophobe and can't handle technology.
- You're unreliable and can't be trusted.
- You are not willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement
- You take forever to reply to emails.
- You take a holiday whenever you 'feel like it'.
- You're rude, impolite and can't work under pressure.
- You don’t have a reliable internet connection.
- You don't work weekends.

This position is a virtual position (i.e. you can work from home or wherever) and no travel is required.

Skills: billing, research, youtube, gmail, facebook, twitter