Help us redesign our corporate website!

Help us redesign our corporate website!


Job Description

UPDATE TO POSTING: 6/21/13 PLEASE review the attachment which is a very clear representation to what we are after. Please do not just bid at the contract price. Consider your desired hourly rate and the amount of man hours needed to accomplish my goals and bid accordingly. THANK YOU!!

We are seeking a solid website designer to redesign our corporate website. We currently have an old design and we wish to have a cleaner, simpler and more contemporary look/feel.

We do not need it to be overly complex, and it should be a design which is easy enough for the company to make simple content updates to it, without hiring another consultant for minor changes.

The website should be written in HTML.

The current website is The proposed redesign would actually lessen the amount of content, by combining Services and Portfolio to become the home page (thereby eliminating Company as home page), and eliminating press and careers sections.

The only remaining sections would be the home page, which would be a sort of portfolio page - with information regarding properties/projects, three subcategories with 3-5 individual content pieces (projects) per subcategory (for a total of 9-15 pieces, all following the same design layout, simply differing in photos and text), and the team page should be some sort of tile presentation of faces and names with a resulting ability to click to read biographies. The intent is to go live with 9-10 photos/bios on the team section.

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