Woocommerce Site - Pagelines - Thediamondsfactory.com style site

Woocommerce Site - Pagelines - Thediamondsfactory.com style site


Job Description

I need a website developer who can recreate the functionality of thediamondsfactory.com from start to finish.

Project Description:
Wordpress combined with Woocommerce.
Requirements: Design of site plus Automatic Import-update from Rapaport / ability to markeup / diamond 'build a ring' function

1. Rapaport part of project:

a. I need the ability to automatically import in price list/data from rapaport. Please see this link. It has all the sample code, etc. The data must also automatically update itself on a weekly basis.

See http://technet.rapaport.com/. They have the sample code for this.

b. I need the ability to markup the price by any percentage once it has been updated by rapaport. this must be automatic. So every monday, I will adjust the percentage markup and every monday evening rapaport should update the website with it's new prices. This should be seamless.

c. Once imported, a stock code should be generated.

2. Build a Ring Function:
See: Bluenile.com or Jamesallen.com or http://www.thediamondsfactory.com/CreateProduct/QuickDiamondSearchSetting.aspx?createproductid=6&shapeid1=9

a. I need a search results table with the rapaport data in part one of the build a ring functionality.
There must be a hover box that shows up with further details of the diamond and a button to ADD To Ring.

b. There must be a compare diamonds check box at the end of the row and a compare button at the bottom of the table that will Compare the diamonds the user selected.

c. There must be an extra row that allows the user to add to ring.

d. there must be the ability to filter through these results using all the filter rules that are seen here: http://www.thediamondsfactory.com/CreateProduct/QuickDiamondSearchSetting.aspx?createproductid=6&shapeid1=9

e. Once you select the diamond. The user will move to choose your setting.
Please see the options available for the user to choose their settings.
I MUST be able to add additional options in the backend - for ex. in the select metal section it says 10k, 14k, 18k, platinum, palladium . I should be easily able to add silver if i wanted to.

f. Then once the user picks the ring they want, they must be able to change the metal from a drop down - see here: http://www.bluenile.com/diamond-engagement-ring-platinum_17875. Then the user will select the style.

g. Lastly, the user will review the ring. I need the ability to review the ring . Specify the ring size and add to basket.

Thank you!
Please study bluenile.com throughly before bidding!

Skills: import, design