Django/HTML5/CSS developer needed

Django/HTML5/CSS developer needed


Job Description

Currently we are developing mockups in for a website that will be a market place for freelance, independent consultants in the business area (strategy, sales, finance, marketing) in the Netherlands.

- Clients can search in the database of consultants in (sub)categories of expertise or on skills;
- If a consultant has a premium (paid) subscription clients are able to send them messages.

We are looking for a person with experience in and strong knowledge about:

- the Django framework
- HTML, HTML5, CSS, Ajax
- MySQL, MonogDB, memcached
- (web)security
- scalable solutions

The web application needs to be secure:
- no plain passwords in the database
- no sql insertion

The web application needs to be neatly written/developed:

- you use git
- you are able to design a good database model
- you are able to design a thoughtful OOP class model
- you will use templating system to split backend from frontend
- you will use a templating system to separate back end from front end

We are able to supply a mockup of almost every screen.
We will enclose a description of the application in which we refer to the mockups.

To be clear about intellectual propery: We own the code you write for us.

You will give us access to your git repository so we are able to make backups every day.