PHP/Curl Account Automation

PHP/Curl Account Automation


Job Description


I write PHP scripts that let me register accounts on certain websites. I use Mysql/cURL/simplehtmldom to do this. I first sniff what HTTP packets to send by using Charles proxy.

Problem is these websites often change stuff up and I have to start my browser, register another account, with Charles running and figure out what they changed, then make the changes to my scripts. I want someone else to do this for me.

Also, I want to add new stuff to my scripts. So basically I'll tell you to do something on the website when you're logged in while you're sniffing this with your HTTP sniffing tool of choice and write the PHP/cURL method in my classes to do what I want. I try and use PHP OOP as much as possible and keep functions modular.

I won't name the website where I register accounts but it's the biggest social network and their colour scheme is blue :-). Include the name of the social network I'm talking about in your job application to prove you've read this far.

So for this $70 job, you'll be doing 2 things. First, you'll fix the scripts I've got. I'll be sending over what I've got and you'll be just making the changes. They worked perfectly a few months ago and it doesn't look like anything major changed.

Secondly, I'll specify something small that I want the script to do and you'll write the PHP method to send the cURL requests to do this.

I'm a coder myself so I want someone that works well with my code, this job is really a test for future bigger jobs.