Webcaster seeking 5*Personal Assistant

Webcaster seeking 5*Personal Assistant


Job Description


Dear Contractors,
I seek a talented, experienced and outgoing personal assistant to help me with various projects, as I am starting my career and establishing my professional profile. Before going on with the description, I would like to make clear that anyone is welcome to apply, from around the world, however, you should keep in mind that you have to work according to my country's time zone (ok, this can be further discussed, I don't really mean to exhaust my PA). My time zone is UTC+2 and I reside in Athens, Greece.

This is what I expect from my PA
Excellent use of English, written and spoken
Fast Turn-around time, preferably in less than 24 hours
Outgoing personality
Thinking out of the box, Creativity
Willing, Can-do attitude
Skype with good microphone ( you will be talking with me, almost every day)
Being trustworthy (you will be given access to my e-mail, fb, twitter, linkedin etc)
Ability to sign an NDA, Honesty
Experience in e-mail handling, PA, Office skills, Research

I am an entrepreneur webcaster and you will be my right arm, if selected, so please I would appreciate it if you were honest with your experience and abilities. I can accept someone who admits that has average experience but I can't put up with people who lie about what they have done.

Here is a sample list of what you will be asked to do, if hired
Keeping me up-to-date with all I have to do
Update my calendar
Remind me of my daily jobs
Search for auditions and report back with results
Regularly checking my e-mails, social profiles etc
Respond to e-mails I receive
Upload content to my social profiles
Research on the web of several stuff I need to find out
Help me build my portfolio
Create and update my CV
and this is just the beginning....

If interested, please respond to my job post, starting your letter with "Anne, my name is.." and tell me about your experience!

Note! This project will remain open for 1 week, so please do not withdraw your application. After I choose the active candidates, you will have to take some tests (same for everyone) and then I will ask you for a skype interview. Job will begin with small assignements (4-5 hours per week) to see if it works for both parts and then a new 1 month contract will begin. If you pass this stage successfully, then I will provide you a second contract on a 6 month basis.

*************************** IMPORTANT ******************************
The preferable bid/hour is UNDER $1, including oDesk fee. More working hours could be negotiated on a lower hourly fee. If you feel this is too little for you, then you are free to skip and go on!

Happy Bidding!


Skills: english, twitter, linkedin, research, facebook, interpersonal-skills, virtual-assistant-skills, microsoft-office, communication-skills, oral-communication