Website Completion

Website Completion


Job Description

There are two parts to this job. Part 1 is uploading the website which I have to my hosting account on GoDaddy. I am unsure on how to do this so I require someone else to do it for me.

Part 2 includes the completion of the website. A large amount of the website has already been completed. Once the website has been uploaded, I will create a list of final tasks.

I believe a fair fee for the remaining tasks is $200. As such, I will pay $10 for the website to be uploaded. Then, once I have created the list of tasks, you can choose to take on the rest of the job or not. I will then pay $190 for the remaining tasks once they are completed.

The website is a complex directory and will require payment gateway inclusion, analytics adding, google maps integration and some other complicated features. If you feel you are able to complete this task, I would like to hear from you.

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