Social Media and Search Engine Marketing for Smiling Through Life

Social Media and Search Engine Marketing for Smiling Through Life


Job Description

First off I would like to hire someone that I can call and leave voicemails to or speak voice to voice. This would ideally be someone who lives in the United States.
Here is what I am looking for:

Great website, lots of page views, exposure

Manage Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube

Video broadcasting so "key words"

identify the key words using the google add words tool

(no third party apps)!!!!

Way more views on my videos – those should be on Pinterest.

Linkedin connections and promotions/marketing

link my facebook to my twitter (not the other way around)

Pictures, quotes of the day.

so I want to be booked as a keynote speaker for events, life coaching

Emphasize Video!! This is very important!!

KEYWORDS!! This is the most important part – because this is what is going to help me get found!!

Motivation Monday so this would consist of either a video I provide to you or a quote and pic that you can find- very easy just see pintrest/fb (we can look at the life coaches links that I will be sending over

Facebook every day.

Twitter everyday – when you use Twitter, be sure to include hashtags with your keywords. Follow other people who use the same keywords.

Pinterest – spend time getting stuff up on the boards. Make sure everything you pin that is yours has an embedded link.

Post a variety of things – links, video, quotes, pictures, etc.

Skills: marketing, facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, video, broadcasting, linkedin, coaching, promotions