Entry Level Web Software Developer / Software Operations Specialist

Entry Level Web Software Developer / Software Operations Specialist


Job Description

We're a well-funded small business with a large variety of exciting software projects, with use of cutting edge technology, we offer a great environment to learn and develop your career under the management of seasoned entrepreneurs who are software developers themselves.

Because we're a grass-roots company from the start, we offer an unique experience into how a small business is grown, the potential candidate will have exposure into how to lead a team of talented professionals overseas, interface with Real customers and clients, other important small business roles such as marketing, branding, sales, product design, ecommerce, and logistics. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to be part of a fast growing and highly entrepreneurial team.

We develop heavily in the LAMP stack, dedicated hosted servers in the cloud, and various MVC frameworks.
Job Purpose:

Complete web software objectives by communicating between users and developers; designing, implementing, testing and delivering solutions;
Job Duties:

* Take existing feature requests and ideas from customers/users and establish them into software objectives and tasks.
* Using tools provided, organize, prioritize, and assign objectives and tasks.
* Implements new features and resolves current software issues. Mostly in PHP and MySQL, must be extremely familiar with both.
* Assures quality Web solution by developing and completing test plans; maintaining project and technical documentation.
* Oversee deployment of new features and coordinate with team members to resolve any issues that come up during the migration between development environment and production environment.
* Research and explore new web programming technologies that can be used by the team to become more efficient.
* Accomplishes organization goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

Required Skills/Qualifications:

* Knowledge of latest web programming technologies
* PHP MVC frameworks such as Code Igniter
* jQuery / aJax
* Javascript
* Thorough knowledge of FTP, SSH, phpMyAdmin, other tools that facilitate remote hosted development.

Optional Skills/Qualifications:

* Version Control Tools (SVN, Git)
* Some experience in project management tools
* Project management experience
* UI Design
* Ruby on Rails
* Python / Django