SharePoint Expert for File and Folder Access Implementations

SharePoint Expert for File and Folder Access Implementations


Job Description

We are looking for a .Net devoloper who could provide an implementation of provided interfaces which facilitate access to files and folders stored on a SharePoint server. Currently, our Windows desktop applications provide implementations for Local File System, Amazon, and Documentum. We will provide our implementation of Local File System for reference.

While we are listed as Per hour we are looking to negotiate a Fixed rate contract.

We are looking for a contractor with the following skills:
1. C#
2. Detailed understanding of Microsoft SharePoint.

There are a number of Interfaces to be implemented:
1. IDirectory
2. IDirectoryInfo
3. IFile
4. IFileInfo
5. IFileSystemInfo
6. IFileSystemInterfaceFactory

There are a number of Abstract classes to be subclassed with methods to be overridden:
1. AFileByteFeeder
2. AFileFellow

Unit tests for all implementations are a necessity and should encompass both successful and unsuccessful cases. For example, an override of AFileFellow.Copy(...) should test for at least a successful copy from source to destination, as well as exceptions occurring during copy due to null strings, empty strings, and generally invalid path strings.

Skills: microsoft-sharepoint, .net