Multimedia E-Learning Application Platform Prototype

Multimedia E-Learning Application Platform Prototype


Job Description

Main Features Module Description

1 Login, Roles and Access Login Screen
Login Authentication
Forgot Password
A Visitor may pay, view free stuff or to subscribe to a pay per view, monthly or annual subscription via paypal or visa

Course categories : presentation Courses will be presented to users in a menu. Users can browse courses by Name, Author or another classification

2 Profile Page Manage one's own Profile

3 Dashboard Page for the Learner Search Option
Announcement: The Announcement made by admin/supervisor will be shown here.
Recently viewed videos :A glance of recently viewed videos.
Categorized View of Course and Author .
A glance of recently completed courses/Test
Test results: A graphical representation showing latest test results .

4 Course Page Course Name :With a small description about the course
The course content :Accordion view of Videos and extra material will be shown, with an option to "View more" for longer lists.
Time: estimated Time to view the content.
Various options to subscribe
Feedback: An option to Give feedback about the lesson.rate the course and auther

5 Test and Test results pages Front end Questions : Multiple choice questions, and text field based Questions where an exact match is possible
Next , Skip : The option to go to next question and Skip a question will be provided.
Detailed view of correct answers, wrong answers and skipped answers given by the learner, along with the correct answer and the content to refer for the answer will be shown.
Top three scores for that Course.

6 Dashboard Page Admin Search
Recently published Courses will be shown on the dashboard.
A glance of Admin activities will be shown with "View more" option to show more.
A glance of latest and popular contents

7 Content Management (Admin side) Add /View/Edit Courses
Create course and tag its permissions (all users or only subscribed users)
Link related Authors and Courses to a particular course.
Link a Test to a particular course
Option to Publish and Unpublished courses

8 Test and Test Result (Admin side) Add /View/Edit Test
Link a course to a particular Test
Add Questions: Multiple choice questions and text field based Questions where an exact match is possible.
Copy Test: Copy a particular test to create a new test.
Import Questions from other tests.
Option to Publish and Unpublished Test, or the whole course
Performance comparisons of subscribers: Group subscribers and compare their performance based on different criteria.
Option to print the comparisons graphs.
Detailed view of the tests attended by each candidate.

9 Authors (Admin side) the admin can add the content contributors to the system and link them to a course.
Add/View/Edit contributor
Link related courses to a contributor

10 Subscription (Admin side) Create / Edit / Remove subscription plans and Rates.
11 Most importantly the interactive platform give the ability any one to establish his course, syllabus content, upload content in different format PDFs,scorm packages……., create tests in different format multiple choice ……, stream lecturer video
12 viewers in each course and in each category have discussion forum, chat room
This what I’m looking for in general and to be further discusses, please before applying we want to make sure that you have done similar project so please provide a link for similar project