Custom Sales Contract - Web Based

Custom Sales Contract - Web Based


Job Description

I would like to develop a CRM system that would allow my sales rep to choose various options that would trigger certain variables in a sales contract.

Here is the workflow:

My agents log into a CRM system
Enters New Client Into System
Sales Rep Chooses What Options Were Sold
I.E. Package 1,2,or 3
Add on products 1,2 or 3 Etc

(Based upon what was selected) would determine the final version of the sales contract).

Most items in the contact are static and will remain. But depending on what sales options are entered, it will trigger other items to be in the contract.

Most likely there would be (2) sections .

1st section is for salesreps
2nd section is for admin (Here you can store defaults for each item selected.)

As an example if it's Package A they choose, then Package A would have a default list of items in a paragraph and price point associated with it, etc, etc.

The final output needs to be a .pdf file.

Skills: pdf, contract-documentation

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