PHP Yii Framework Developer

PHP Yii Framework Developer


Job Description

I have a current Yii Framework application that needs to be re-factored. It is not in true MVC form and needs to be. Additionally, the facebook login integration seems to not work as well as it should. The original developer had never worked with Facebook integration, so I think that is why.

I just need a developer that can take what currently exists, turn it into true MVC, and re-factor the Facebook sign in. I am a developer as well, just do not have the time to do what is needed right now.

There are two parts of the app -- the main part that faces the user and the admin panel. The main part integrates with Facebook login and google maps. It also needs to be able to support multiple domains pointing to the same place. This is currently working (using Yii URLManager) and may not need to be changed, but it seems there should be an easier way to do it. The Admin Panel needs to be able to interact with the database and insert values into the database. This also uses Google Maps.

At the end of the job, the functionality needs to work the same but the code needs to be better. I know there are some areas that will need to be enhanced, and I am fine with that.

The budget is just a baseline right now (I don't think it should take that long). If after looking at it we need to extend the budget, we can.

I prefer to communicate through odesk messages instead of skype since I do have a full time job and can't be on skype very often.

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