WordPress Technician Set Up Assistant

WordPress Technician Set Up Assistant


Job Description

I want to build three websites using the Swagger theme and the Standard theme. Also planning to use Premise as a landing page and membership plugin.

I'm needing help getting the sites up and running smoothly.

Would like to hire a contractor with lots of experience in WordPress set up, including a wide range of experience with plugins and CSS.

Initially, I want to set up iMakeYourMoneyCount.com with the same basic look and feel of MichaelHyatt.com (but without as many moving parts).

Here are the basic components I'll need in my site:
Must be "responsive" in every area for all devices!
Email Opt-in (this component is already completed)
RSS Feed (sidebar - right, top)
Social Media icons (FB, Twitter, LInkedIn - top right)
Video spaceholder for Youtube and Vimeo.
Blog Categories
Site Map
Premium Membership capability (login, user name, billing)
Online Shopping cart (I think Premise can do this but I'm not sure how it works with Paypal)

Please only apply AFTER you have looked at these three sites:
iMakeYourMoneyCount.com (the first site I need to build out)
MoneyBible.org (my older site)
MichaelHyatt.com (the site I like and want to model as closely as possible without too much additional coding!!)

Once I get iMakeYourMoneyCount.com set up, I will want to "duplicate" the design for several other sites.

Skills: twitter, linkedin, video, youtube, billing, paypal, design