Online store for multi split air conditioners

Online store for multi split air conditioners


Job Description


I'm looking for a website to sell air conditioner of type multi
When a customer surfing into home page he should get an Ajax box that he will provide few details
First he will be asked how many rooms he has.
Then he will need to enter the size of each room (or chose biger then x smaller then y)and the type of indoor unit
Based on his answers he will get the appropriate bundles/products available for him
The multi split AC are made of one outside unit that fits 2-6 rooms. it’s a different units for 2 rooms 3 rooms and so on
So it's a combination of total size of rooms (max BTU the unit can provide)
And number of rooms (the number of inside units that can connect to this unit)

The website platform should be on presatshop or magento or any other well-known open source e-commerce solution
The website will be rtl .