Wordpress Subscription Directory

Wordpress Subscription Directory


Job Description

There is a requirement to customise and configure wordpress for a subscription based business directory service.

Wordpress is installed and operational, but requires the theme to be streamlined including adding relevant plugins to provide the following:

Investor Matching

Match investors seeking opportunities to businesses requiring funds.

Investors Seeking Opportunities
Investors stipulate criteria for the type of business they will consider, for example:

Business sector and/or Geographic Region
Capital required and equity offered
Exit strategy and period
Businesses Requiring Funds
Business Owners need to provide a business plan detailing:

The current business situation:
The business opportunity – markets, products, competition
Capital required and equity offered
How the funds will be spent
A risk assessment (sensitivity analysis)
Full projections and exit strategy

The portal need to be self-sustaining and require minimal maintenance.

Paypal integration to charge a subscription for both investor and businesses.

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