2014 - Domain Boom! Sell domain reseller accounts worldwide!

2014 - Domain Boom! Sell domain reseller accounts worldwide!


Job Description

See how domain business is exploding

In August 2013, there are 250,000,000 top level domains registered worldwide. 2014 will be an amazing year in the domain industry. 700+ new top level domains will be introduced!

1998 - 8 extensions (.com, .net, .org, .biz, etc)
2004 - 24 new extensions
2013 - 700+ new domain extensions!

TASK: sell domain reseller accounts (plus 50+ more online products) Accounts are ready to use, integradet payment processor, marketing materials included, 24/7/365 customer support (online and phone)

Example for reseller accounts: www.centralinternetagency.org

Be a part of domain boom. Sell domain reseller accounts and earn high commission. All well-known SEO tools are available on VPS for the best applicants!

Budget: 100-500 USD per sale (depending on resale price)

Examples for new domain extensions by industries:

- Business: .ads, .agency, .business, .career, .ceo, .company, .forum, ,management, .marketing, .news, .ngo, .partners, .services, .studio, .trade, .wiki,

- Industry: .auto, .bio, .boats, .cruise, .car, .casino, .catering, .clothing, .construction, .consulting, .design, .diamond, .eco, .energy, .foundation, .green, .hotels, .insurance

- Money and Finance: .bank, .broker, .capital, .cash, .cpa, .credit, .estate, .exchange, .financial, .fund, .gold, .gratis, .holding, .investment, .market, .money, .pay, .rich, .security, .tax, .trust

- Lifestyle: .adult, .arab, .baby, .beauty, .best, .bet, .bingo, .cards, .care, .catholic, .club, .community, .contact, .cool, .dating, .diet, .events, .express, .faith, .family, .fan, .fashion, .group, .guide, .guru, .halal, .health, .islam, .kids, .life, .live, .love, .luxury, .mba, .pet, .poker, .porn, .sex, .social, .vip, .wedding

- Real Estate: .apartments, .build, .estate, .home, .place, .property, .realestate, .rent, .room, .studio, .villas

- Sport: .baseball, .basketball, .bike, .cricket, .fan, .fitness, .football, .games, .golf, .hockey, .rodeo, .rugby, .soccer, .sport, .sports, .team, .tennis, .tickets

- Technology: .app, .blog, .cam, .chat, .click, .cloud, .codes, .computer, .bot, .data, .digital, .directory, .docs, .domains, .dot, .download, .drive, .email, .graphics, .help, .host, .link, .mail, .map, .media, .mobile, .network, .online, .phone, .report, .review, .search, .secure, .site, .software, .space, .storage, .support, .stream, .tech, .technology, .tube, .web, .webcam, website, .wiki

- Art: .art, .audio, .band, .book, .buzz, .film, .media, .movie, .music, .press, .radio, .show, .song, .theatre, .tunes, .video

- Food and Drink: .bar, .cafe, .coffee, .cooking, .eat, .food, .kitchen, .menu, .organic, .pizza, .pub, .recipes, .organic, .restaurant, .wine

- Professional: .accountant, .airforce, .architect, .army, .attorney, .broker, .career, .ceo, .dentist, .doctor, .engineer, .expert, .lawyer, .legal, .mba

- Health: .clinic, .dentist, .diet, .docs, .doctor, .healthcare, .hospital, .hiv, .medical, .pharmacy, .rehab, .surgery

- Commerce: .ads, .auction, .bid, .buy, .capital, .center, .cheap, .coupon, .deal, .discount, .exchange, .flights, .flowers, .free, .furniture, .gift, .grocery, .jewelery, .kitchen, .lotto, .party, .photo, .pics, .promo, .sale, .shop, .spa, .store, .store, .taxi, .tickets, .tires, .tours, .toys, .vacations, .voyage, .watch

- Education: .academy, .college, .courses, .degree, .education, .phd, .prof, .school, .study, .training, .translation, .university

- Generic: .community, .day, .free, .fun, .here, .holiday, .hot, .how, .like, .meet, .now, .one, .page, .pin, .ping, .play, .plus, .safe, .safety, .select, .sky, .smile, .talk, .tattoo, .today, .top, .vodka, .web, .win

- Geographic: .africa, .arab, .city, .country, .earth, .global, .international, .place, .world