Redesign of existing site

Redesign of existing site


Job Description

I have a existing site up and running, with Joomla 2.5, but want a complete redesign with new template, jomsocial, forum and such. I also want to upgrade it to Joomla 3.x.

I have quiet a bit of articles on it - And I want to maintain most of them, but also wants to change quite a bit of the site. Some articles are in standard joomla, other are in K2. There are some template overrides and such.

The site should be responsive to phones and ipads as well.

Site in question is :

I will pay for a new template if needed, also I have JomSocial for use, so those things should not be included within the price.


The makeover for the site, includes a new front page design. The current one, with a static page is no good, I want it to be dynamic, and more "proffesional" looking. Also - The video section of the site has to go.

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