E-Newsletter Template Designer

E-Newsletter Template Designer


Job Description

We need to hire a contractor to create a template for a James River Garden Club e-newsletter. The template will include a static header with JRGC logo and will print on one page, front and back. The template will be set up so that editors may insert content (pictures or words) into “buckets”. Commonly used “buckets” headings include:

• Meeting notice
• Upcoming calendar
• Message from the president (very short)
• Links
• Committee updates
• Horticulture corner
• 2 - 4 pictures each month

Considering JRGC’s commonly used “buckets”, RWC will develop three e-newsletter template design variations. One will include eight “buckets”, one nine and one ten. All will include the same rendition of the static header. The e-newsletter will be created so that editors may edit content on both PCs and Macs. Likewise, the e-newsletter will be set up so that, upon final editing, the document may be saved in static form and e-mailed out.

Please note how you plan on approaching this project. It will be important to understand what software/vendor/coding will be used to create the e-newsletter. It will be important to know what platforms will be require what software/vendor/coding knowledge will be needed to maintain the e-newsletter. Our top priority will be ease-of-use (editors will need to be able to manipulate content on the template without much computer training). Second priority is a clean design.

We hope to spend no more than $20 on the project.

Skills: design, newsletters