Business Office Managers - LAHORE OFFICES

Business Office Managers - LAHORE OFFICES


Job Description

LAHORE OFFICE ONLY - We are in the process of setting up a new, exciting, strategic offices in Lahore, Pakistan. As such, as are looking for leaders to help manage the entire process. You should have a Masters in Business, the ability to speak perfect english and have a solid understanding of the agile development process.

You will be responsible for assisting the company with banking transactions, assignment of tasks to the software engineers, working with clients, determining schedules

Our team is rapidly expanding our Lahore, Pakistan offices. We are seeking project managers who are familiar with how to manage the agile software development process. You should know how to effectively keep track of the numerous individual scrums and associated points. You should be an experienced Android or iPhone mobile app developer.

Do you have significant experiene managing a software team? We hope to find the right individuals to our team. This is quite an important job. We are actively looking for someone with significant project management and experience working with software code. you should have the ability to effectively manage large teams of people, instruct them, ensure they show up to work on time, ensure they perform the job correctly and reward the team with bonuses.

You should have extensive mobile application development experience. You should understand the Agile Development Process. You should understand SCRUM, you should be a superior leader as well as speak perfect english. You must also be able to write in perfect english, read perfect english, etc.

We will require a minimum of five years of experience as well as three solid references. You would report directly to our CEO, Doug Monahan. Please check out our website at to gain a better understanding of who we are and what we are doing. Please write a letter explaining why you would be best for this position. Please attach your CV. We will wish to connect with you on skype for a face to face meeting at the appropriate time.

We are actively interviewing and recruiting a team of over one hundred individuals with experience in css5, html5, jquery, oracle, php, website to help.

Skills: english, agile, management

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