Bilingual Author for Unique French-English Phrasebook

Bilingual Author for Unique French-English Phrasebook


Job Description

We are looking for a native-French speaker, with GREAT English skills, to write a dual-language phrasebook. There are tons of phrasebooks on the market though, so we want this one to be UNIQUE, to be DIFFERENT!

This will be geared towards French learners of all ages, so explanations throughout will help.

You can choose the topic: maybe a non-traditional travel phrasebook for 20-30 year-olds, maybe a dating/flirting/romance phrasebook, maybe slang from a certain country. The possibilities are endless!

In your response, please tell us:

1. Which type of phrases you would want to work on
2. How you would make the phrasebook unique and different than all the others
3. How long you propose the phrasebook to be
4. What your proposal price for that length is


Price quote is a placeholder; submit your proposal price in response to the 4 questions above.

Skills: english, writing

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