3D Clothing Product Modelling

3D Clothing Product Modelling


Job Description

We are currently in the final stages of securing a large project with an international sportswear manufacturer that requires the supply of a large quantity of detail 3D clothing models, similar to the type and standard shown in the attached PDF file.

Please note that we only require supply of the 3D models/geometry of these clothing products for this project. The textures and materials are custom developed for the specialist rendering platform to be utilized in this project and will be entirely supplied and mapped by others

To help us choose the best modelling provider for this project, could you please supply us with a suitable sample 3D model file of any similar complexity product (preferably clothing) from any of your previous projects/work, please state the hours needed for you to create this 3D model sample and, thirdly, what is your hourly charge rate for this type of work, in either $USD or $AUD.

Our preference for the modelling system used to create these models would be Autodesk Maya, but this is not a requirement.

This project is quite large, where this first stage will require between 2 – 3,000 hours of modelling work and needs to be delivered over the next 4 - 5 months.

Please note, we are looking for good value from our 3D modelling provider, where quality of work is much more important than the price.

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