Job Description

This site has a plain html home page in order to redirect the multi-shop site

The website:

This site is in development, so the url will change at the end of the project.


A multi-shop plugin has been installed on this prestashop template a month ago and then appeared the problems list i describe below:

Parse error at register, errors in the payment chain:
1- If i try to buy some product as a GUEST (attached file No.1):
It doesn´t appear any mailing company (the company that should appear is OCA, which is installed) and it doesnt´appear any payment form too (the company that should appear is MERCADOPAGO, already installed too).

2-Registering new client (attached file No.2):
ERROR IN SCREEN: "Tech error: unable to load form. Details: Error thrown [object Object] Text status: Parse error"

3-Payment module (MERCADO PAGO) (attached file No.3):
View incompatibility with template. After solving the payment chain problems, you will see on screen the payment module dialog box with the website horizontal menu over it. Of course it shouln´t be over it.

4-Site responsivness:
This theme should appear with all its images on BB screen or tablets, well, it doesn´t, it only appears a "A site tree"

attachments note: The issues are highlighted in yellow color

THIS JOB should be finished on thursday / friday 10 a.m (Argentina)

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