Long Term Writer (All Around Writer)

Long Term Writer (All Around Writer)


Job Description


I am looking for a writer to work with me full-time. I need talented writers who can deal with any writing task, and deal with any given topic, and can fully commit to the job. I'm looking for full-time contractors to fill in 2 positions in my team ( Filipino writers preferred).


1. fast turn around time.
2. can write in formal and casual tone.
3. hard working ( does not come up with excuses).
4. can submit articles on a daily basis.
5. can produce more than 6 articles daily.

I am offering $1.5 per article (500 words each). There will be a lot of writing task so only apply if you are fast, and if you're not loaded at the moment.

I am looking to hire someone immediately, but I expect you to write " I'm freaking awesome" in your cover letter and at the same time convince me why you're awesome (even if you think you're not). I will take the time to read your letter, I hope you genuinely put effort to it. That's one way for me to determine you're serious about this.

Have fun!