Kaltura CE expert

Kaltura CE expert


Job Description

add features to PHP-Fox and Kaltura Project

We need an addition to the two server-side software systems we are using - php fox, and kaltura.

Specifically, need a process building that auto creates a publisher account in Kaltura database when person signs up from the php fox social community.

Also required is modification to the php fox video module:

Kaltura players and APIs need to be integrated into php fox to replace the default video module of php fox. Kaltura is installed and working on the server, and there are plugins and APIs available from kaltura, that just need implementing.

Further modification is then required to customize the look and functionality of the implemented kaltura video module in the phpfox front end to match mitunes plugin functionality - Mitunes provides the music module - functionality of the video module should match this.

One modification is also required to the backend of Kaltura, to auto import a live stream to a publisher's account once it has been recorded and placed in a folder by Wowza. Wowza has been set up to record the file and place it in a specific folder, a process now just needs to be coded in kaltura to import that file to the correct publisher account (myslq entry).

Budget: $1000

Skills: php,kaltural,phpfox,mysql

Skills: video, import