Expert JEM Needed. Wordpress Theme to JEM. JROX

Expert JEM Needed. Wordpress Theme to JEM. JROX


Job Description

I am looking to change the back end of my system from wordpress to an ecommerce site i purchased a script for at jox .com called JEM.
I want to use the software Jrox for my e commerce site. I have used it before and like the features, but I have had a tough time finding someone that can change the design, layout and features of the site. It was built on codeignter, using php, mysql but was built by other coder which makes the project a little tougher then just doing the basic programming because you need to use the php and css that the original coder used. He just you instructions on how to change the design on the web pages below.
For the project I am looking for a coder that can download the program which is free of course to download and customize the jrox theme, so it best matches my webiste which I will send once I get credentials
1. Change HomePage layout to look like website.
2. Change the CSS and design so it matches the colors, layout of
I will provide the pics and images, as well as put in all the content, I would except for you to just put in a demo product so I can view the register, checkout, etc process so I make sure the design is uniform throughout.
Please I am looking for someone that knows or can understand this without little hand holding.
Please email proposal, bid to or on skype username anthonyrega
Thank you

I need to change the website template to work with the jrox software jem. Keep the same layout that is in wordpress but so it will look the same using jrox as our backend instead of wordpress.

I would also like to install this on Amazon cloud.

Im on timeline and need experience from Jrox. Hourly rate will be 5hr, if you can complete in time bonus. $100

If you havent heard of JEm Jrox dont bid please.