Check Security of a PHP Upload Script

Check Security of a PHP Upload Script


Job Description

Hi guys,

I am using a PHP script that uploads images and also shared it with other clients of mine. I was advised there might be some security breach in it because the users are required to chmod 0777 and hackers might take advantage of it. I'd like you to take a look into it and give me some tips on making it more secure. I was told about suEXEC and its security advantages.

I am looking for a secure, yet universal solution for this that will work for people that have a basic shared hosting account and also for those who have their own dedicated server.

PLEASE bid on this project if you're really experienced with PHP and Security (including Apache and Linux) and you dealt with similar projects in the past. If you are new to this, please don't post any bids.

I will send the script to the winner(s).


Skills: apache, linux