Website + API + Application Integration Project

Website + API + Application Integration Project


Job Description

There are a few different aspects to this project and it will be integrated with my main company website. So this could also lead to full time employment later on, but for now the people I find that can do the work will be on a project to project type basis to find people whom can handle the work.

Project: Event Photo

Part: Website
- The website needs to pull together and integrate with Part 2 & 3, and have the ability to also connect with Part 4 if a wordpress plugin is being used also. The website will be basic and just be a basic login with an event ID adder. It will also link to the applications on the different market places for mobile devices. It will pull the data from whatever database we end up using and have the ability for an event startup to be purchased/started. Also will need some basic videos and an easy how to page set up for people to see. Additional add-on if ability is there is a login for photographers with photo editing capabilities for photographers to get hired and or paid to fix photos i.e. blurry, red eye etc..

Part: All Marketplaces Application
- Android, APPLE, Samsung, Amazon, etc. - A basic application that will integrate with the website and the database and Wordpress if our plugin is being used. It will have 2 separate logins and an account creation from the mobile application as well. One for Event Starter and one for Event Attendees, either way it will give a list of all people that are a part of the event and an ability to send email addresses and text messages to people for the event starter to send out invites to people that want to attend the event. When at the event the attendees can check in then can start using the 'Take Photo' aspect to take pictures during the event. As soon as the device gets internet access it will upload all of the pictures to the events page that is attached too. Also, there will be a way to see the gallery pages and see all of the updated pictures from the events.

Part: Database Integration
- All aspects needed to integrate all other parts.

Part: WordPress Plugin
- A plugin that can be easily added by anyone that wants to add our websites features to their wordpress website.

This can be done in any coding language that can get the job done
Taglines: PHP, Java, Create Database Database Programming, API, Development, Project management, Photography, Graphics, Photoshop, Adobe

Skills: amazon, management, graphics

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