Receptionist and Virtual PA for AUSTRALIA

Receptionist and Virtual PA for AUSTRALIA


Job Description

This is my job description for a Receptionist and Virtual PA for Australia
The receptionist MUST be available for the stated hours undermentioned.

1. Take calls Sat 9am to 5pm (8 hrs) approx 8 calls in this period
2. Take calls Sun 9am to 5pm (8 hrs) approx 4 calls in this period
3. Email me regarding every single call that was made and how it was treated.
4. Use templates to send out patient forms when new patients have made the bookings
5. Operate My Practice (this is the software I use for booking appointments)
6. Marketing – phone calls to chase patients to rebook appointments. (approx 10 calls per week)
7. My Practice Reports - pull out weekly and monthly reports for myself and associates + update spreadsheet – (time taken 1 hour)
8. Attach to My Practice, the patient forms-tick when completed-
9. Use templates to create emails to patients ( 10 emails per month)
10. Update Word press newsletter-material provided (2 hours per month)
11. Update Facebook (10 mins per week)
12. Update Wordpress website (1 hour per month)
13. Rosters (use excel template ) ( 2 hours per month)

BUDGET $60 AUD per week
Require services from call center and not from individual from their own home.
Interested in Philippines only

Skills: marketing, facebook