Native iOS App & Backend Web Database Creation

Native iOS App & Backend Web Database Creation


Job Description

These skills are the minimum requirements of this job:
• MySQL database experience
• Photoshop skills
• Objective C
• iOS development
• Memcached
• Algorithms
• oAuth
• Rest
• Versioning
If you cannot cater to these skills with oDesk level testing please do not apply.

We have the design base for a location based native iOS app. Wireframe and UI designed. What we need is
• developer to work start to finish in developing the app along with a web based MySQL database.
• All designs are supplied in PSD
• App must be developed for iPhones 3-5

We require the development of a clean, simple restful api for iOS using current best practice in areas such as:
• - Caching to reduce database hits (e.g. Memcached)
• - Inclusion of api access limitations to manage query limits
• - Minimise JSON requests to keep data use low
• - Roadmapping / Versioning
• - oAuth for verification

The app to be developed will

• Require interaction with a mysql database
o physical database of your creation
o information on database supplied by us
to pull results from search parameters.
• It will involve geo-location and geofencing.
• It will use algorithms to displays results from certain databases (3 or 4)
• Requires interaction with both Facebook & Twitter api’s
• App user can also access a profile page where information about their usage of the app is recorded. Data to be stored relating when and where they have used app as well as any prizes won
• App pages to be 18-20 in total.
• Push notifications screens will be used through app

We require the tracking of user statistics and behaviours- details drawn from the account creation via social media logins.

Information needs to be stored of the app users activity with the app e.g. venues visited, money won, etc. This needs to be accessible to the app user as well as to admin via the backend database.

Backend needs to be able to
• create accounts and generate passwords for venues to put in their specials and also have ‘admin access’ for the managers of the app.
• use at least three different data base lists
• Use algorithms to apply ‘wins’ and ‘jokes’ and random listings
• Store and use analytics
• Make reports on data of users and venues
• Update information on the app in ‘real time’
• Hold different sizes of venues logo

Backend and app must be able to communicate quickly with each other. For example searches for venues must pull the venue list immediately for this app to be desirable.

We also need transition suggestions between pages, menus, onclick, between folders etc. The interactivity of this app needs to be engaging.

This is version one for a MVP we need. In the very near future we will require further development of the app to add search parameters.

We of course require an NDA and ongoing communication throughout the project to see that regular milestones are met. Not only this but the ability to see ongoing work of the app is highly desirable.

Testflight is our preferred method of reporting as well as regular (daily) Skype conversations.

Thanks for taking the time to reach this far. If you have read to here then you are probably a developer we look forward to working with.