Magento Extension Engineer

Magento Extension Engineer


Job Description

We use Amasty Parts Finder extension in our Magento store. The extension has its own database tables that hold compatibility information such as Make, model, and year for each of our products.

We would like to use this information to display the applications on the items page (front end) in list form.
An example can be found at the following link. This is what we would like it to look like.

Our website with parts finder extension can be found:

We also need the parts finder information to be included within our search index. We use a sphinx search engine extension by Mirasvit.

Unless a better solution is presented, my idea of how to accomplish this is:
Create a script that can be ran from the admin section that populates a text area attribute with the database information for the corresponding item. The information could then be placed on the item page, as well as be included in the search index.

The information will need to be sorted by dropdown1, then dropdown2, and so on.
Honda CB400 1985
Honda CB550 1977
Honda CB550 1978
Kawasaki Z1 1972
Suzuki GS400 1971
Suzuki GS550 1970
Suzuki GS550 1971