Programmer needed to update existing application

Programmer needed to update existing application


Job Description

Our company has a pre-built application and need a couple additional features.

specific list view needs long, and lat lines (from back-end) to display on google map.(map is already in application, with gps finder embedded) *Full navigation needs to be finished ..... This function is already working just tagged for the wrong list view.

city selection for all list views. (user must click on a city inside of a list view before seeing a list we have uploaded on the back-end

ability to tag back-end material, to a city.

A button that contains a Text message API, and user can send a text message, to whatever number super admin tags on the back-end. Text message conversation must stay inside the application.

Social network link added in.
Extra list view column- column must contain photo gallery and info button. thumbnail images for all list views

Music Functionality- Music player is embedded and running. Need the "Now playing" display throughout the application. - IOS music controls need to work as well.(outside of application)

**Picture Moving home screen on a timer.

There are a few more updates which will be discussed further in detail, once into talks.We are looking for a soft estimate on roughly how many hours for the finishing touches on step 1 of our project. We have many more steps along with an android application that we are going to need developed. We are trying to meet a deadline and look to start ASAP . Time and efficiency will play a huge factor in who we move forward with. Thank you

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