Tuning PHP Application using Zend Monitoring Server/tool

Tuning PHP Application using Zend Monitoring Server/tool


Job Description

We have a website that developed using PHP and SQL Server database as backend, this site currently run under Zend Server.

The Performance of our website is not acceptable from our point of view, the Zend Mentoring Dashboard show few PHP functions/codes that is not working properly either slow, eating memory or simply throw errors (see snapshot examples of those errors attached).

The purpose of this project, is to tune/fix the code and ultimately solve all performance issues on our website.

We have 2 separate environments, one for Development and one for Production, and the developer/freelancer will have the privilege to test evaluate his changes easily on the Development environments.

Applicant must be gurus in PHP development and have very good background on SQL optimization and in addition to that he is expert on Zend Server tools .

Good Luck!

Skills: test

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