2Weeks; Traffic Radar - iOS + Android + Web App + Cloud based back end API Development - Fun Project, Minimum features, newest technologies.

2Weeks; Traffic Radar - iOS + Android + Web App + Cloud based back end API Development - Fun Project, Minimum features, newest technologies.


Job Description

Traffic Speed Radar Finder App.
We are a facebook community with 15000+ active members and want to develop an app system what will make it easier for our users to report, and get alerted with traffic radar alerts. The app will be used to post new found Radars by our members, and to view the latest mobile radars on the road.

We need a cloud based architecture with a central database-backend that connects through API to multiple devices like iOS, Android, Facebook API etc.

The first Launch will be a MVP to get our new App out there in just 2 weekly sprints!

Global Planning:
Sprint 1:
Build the cloud based back-end with API
Build the admin functionality
Design the iOS/Android App interface

Sprint 2:
Build the iOS App
Build the Android App
Test & make sure it works
Deploy to Apple AppStore

After Sprint 2 we will take some time to get feedback from our users.

The only functionality that's in the app:
- View radar Alerts
- Make new Alert

- View radar Alerts
- Edit Alerts
- View incoming (user) alerts
- Make new Alert

We provide you with a wireframe prototype showing globally the screens.

- Make estimations
- Explain how you want to solve this project
- Make the design based on our prototypes, you may give UI improvements
- Logo design
- Icon design
- App interface design
- Custom Alerts icons design (we will give drawings)
- Build the back-end server including the API for only the most basic data: Alerts
- Build the iOS application as specified above (to only fetch & upload Alerts)
- Build the Android application as specified above (to only fetch & upload Alerts)

This project uses many high-end technologies with a fun workload. We will be very Agile and develop features according wishes of our community. The above functionality is just to start phase 0, afterwards we also want a website connected to the central back-end and an Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile App. We will make money with this app by introducing a Premium version, and by using advertisement in the Free app. For now, both features are not in the Minimal Viable Product for launch.

Last remarks:
- We need the full package; design, development, testing and deployment. We will provide a high-fidelity prototype and functional design documentation about how it should work, but the developer has to fill in the gaps. The developer can have all these skills, or work together within a team he set's up.
- We expect full communication with daily feedback by skype, we will be available full-time to answer questions.
- Because we don't yet have a developer AppStore account, we need advice about if it would be smart that the developer uploads it to the app store, or if we just should buy an account.
- This will be an ongoing project with a budget of thousand dollar, with many improvements to the current app (gps notifications, map, social features, web-interface) so we hope for a long-term relationship.
- Because of Agile methodology (and we don't know yet what our users really want) we will be developing very small increments (one-time features), so it should be noted that we don't need a full-time developer all the time, just when we are ready for another increment.

The Developer should be;
- know design & development -> very important design should be very high-end
- can do proper estimations
- likes to work agile
- knows about cloud based data
- knows about internal API development to build the apps against the API
- will document his developments.
- will use modern tools for his own productivity like; github, frameworks backbone.js, symphony, python/django, php etc.)
- will know back-end development very well

Type FlitsLocal in your response.

View prototype screens here: https://www.justinmind.com/usernote/tests/4365/10723230/10723235/index.html
View Developer document here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lb93xdnv4n2diwl/FlitsLocal%20App%20Developers%20Manual.pdf

All other files will be shared with developer on Job start.

Skills: design, software-development, mobile-application-development, cloud-computing