Data Transformation: SQL+S3 images = FlickR + Photo Calendar

Data Transformation: SQL+S3 images = FlickR + Photo Calendar


Job Description

Hello applicants!

Great that you read this. My old picture Calendar in Ruby on Rails was shut down and now I am left with

- An SQL dump containing filenames + picture dates
- An S3 space with 4gigs of pictures
- partly location information

As an end result I want to have that year calendar back, but it's ok to upload all pictures for FlickR. They offer enough space anyway. So: Backend: FlickR, Frontend: HTML+jquery polling their JSON APi. (PHP if needed. Might be a good idea to caching)

I am a studied computer scientist and I programmed the calendar myself, but it's beyond my time right now: I'd do it as following:

- Download all original photos to my hard drive
- Make a script that puts the calendar photo dates from the SQL into the exif (!!) data of the photo, if it differs (sometimes they do).
- Additional data: text field (description) and location => exif tags
- Upload every photo to my FlickR account.

Then, step 2:
- Make a small HTML page with twtiter bootstrap3 displaying the year calendar through FlickR api queries on my photo account.
- This could be an inspiration for it:

There are tons of technologies included. And it's probably not easy. I'd be there on skype/G+ to help out and discuss the job in details. I'd also help programming on it.

BTW: If you can code Ruby on Rails v4 and heroku as well - you should definitely get in touch! I will be searching for someone there as well, but a bit later. This project could be a good starting point.



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