Qt/C++ Purchasing & Inventory Desktop App With Web Service Calls & Intuitive GUI: Initial Phases

Qt/C++ Purchasing & Inventory Desktop App With Web Service Calls & Intuitive GUI: Initial Phases


Job Description

We are beginning Phase 1, 2 and 3 of a very large and long project, building a cross platform Inventory and Purchasing system using the Qt framework that interfaces with a variety of web platforms (e-commerce carts, Amazon, eBay, +more) via web services. The project also contains a Point of Sale module, and extends to mobile devices such as hand held scanners and/or tablet units.

We are looking for an expert coder and well seasoned Software Architect that will work with our internal software team on the long term vision of the project to design the structure of the application and make appropriate code design decisions moving forward that keep that big vision in mind. As the main coder on the project, you will also be implementing the majority of the architect-ed plan, however depending on time frames and budgets you may also work with other coders on implementing various portions of the application moving forward so you must also be able to work with a team. Our ideal coder on this project will be a long term partner, and this is just the first of many projects for this application.

This first phase will lay the foundation for the project and will consist of the core GUI interface, as well as the first pieces of functionality, which are the basic user/permissions system, and an interface for managing our various portals, and viewing/editing/importing/aliasing SKUs.

See attached document for project specifications.

The project must be created using Qt Creator, including Qt Designer for the GUI portion. Industry standard programming conventions should be used at all times.
This project will be defined and coded using agile Scrum methodology, as we define, develop, and role out releases containing new features and updates on-going.
This project code must be designed using the MVC methodology.
All source code will be housed in a GIT repository for easy team access. All changes must be checked in daily on each day any work was performed along with a functioning build, even if features are missing.

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