Photo Rating App for Academic Research

Photo Rating App for Academic Research


Job Description

I will be heading to Indonesia with two research assistants in June to conduct research in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy. I plan to get a few iPod Touches for myself and the other researchers. I plan to first take photos of each person in the village I will be in, and then I want to take those photos and load an identical set onto each iPod. I then want to hand my iPod to each villager and ask them to rate each photo (on a scale of 1-5) based on the question, "How credible would you consider this person's information on the health of the ocean?" I could simply roll though each photo with them and record their answers, but I'm worried that they will answer differently if I am there next to them. So, I really just want to hand them the iPod and ask them to play it like a game. I think that if it is fun it will make them more willing to participate.

I plan to do this with the whole village that I'm in (probably a hundred or more times), so the app should have a way to record the responses in some sort of spreadsheet which can be exported to a PC. Also, if each person who plays had a unique id number, that would make crunching the data later much easier.

In short, I need a photo rating app that:
• Will run on 4th generation iPod Touches
• Begins with a customizable text-based splash screen and ends with another

• Allows me to upload my own photos
• Displays customizable text on top of the screen
• Has a scale rating system
• Records each users answers under a unique id number
• Allows me to export each users answers to my laptop
• Is fun for the user

I am looking for something very simple visually. Functionality is my primary focus.