build App for Apple and Android

build App for Apple and Android


Job Description

please read the post rather then sending us a template reply which will be ignored :) -

We are looking to build a basic app ( Android & Apple ) responsive on phones & tablets

The main function of our App is streaming our content ( videos)

We are looking or someome woth experience in apple and android.
and a minimum of 10 feedbacks here on Odesk - the feedbacks MUST BE FOR APPS !!

please contact us with a link to you portfolio

We are looking for sth very similar to : ( we have way less content though )

Our content is all on vimeo so we would have to embeed the vimeo codes as to our requirements :


We need to be able to add, remove and achieve items

Search items
share and like ( Facebook - twitter - email )
Facebook and twitter
Contact us

download and safe for later --- watch offline? ( for this a user would need to register )
News and updates ( for this a user would need to register )
Download TipstrZine ( PDF file - would also be great if this would be viewable too )
download album - music ( for this a user would need to register )

search shows


Have different categories

See how often and how long ( duration ) people use our apps

We need to gather information such as:

if possible Fon number
What system as in ios or android

You also would need to show us how we would operate both apps

We can pay maximum $ 500.00 .WE DO NOT DO ANY UPFRONT payments

please write lemon juice in the refernce line so we know that u read our post
all responses without the reference line will be deleted .


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