Crowd translation website (PHP+MongoDB+MySQL)

Crowd translation website (PHP+MongoDB+MySQL)


Job Description

The aim of the website is to offer a translation service by crowd between various language pairs. In this service volunteers and professionals will translate online articles between languages according to their choice. Internet users can view translated articles or submit a link for an online article to be translated.

The website interface would accommodate RTL and LTR languages at the same time.

We suggest Drupal to be the base platform while using MongoDB as back-end DB for articles, cache and other none relational staff while keeping the users, permissions and roles in mysql DB.

Bit you can use standard CMS like (e.g. Drupal, WordPress..etc) or build the system from scratch (e.g. Standard PHP or using a framework).

Way of work:
Scrum methodology using redmine as a tool and executed over two sprints each one is 2 weeks.

We will offer server for testing and development.

We will offer a detailed feature description for every feature and story listed in the attached document.

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