SagePay 2.23 Form Protocol in C# 2.0 (VS 2005)

SagePay 2.23 Form Protocol in C# 2.0 (VS 2005)


Job Description

Background ...
Property Management Company wishes to use SagePay to allow its clients to make payments for one or more invoices (or payment on account). Clients will not be logged into an account, so need to enter their details so that their payment can be matched larer against their account.

Details ...
To create 4 web pages - namely
1. Payment Details form (Client Name, Account Address, Billing Address, Email, Phone Number, Invoice Numbers (comma separated list), Comments, Total Payment)
This form should also have a checkbox for "Remember my settings" which would save the details to a cookie, and a button to reload them the next time the form is used)
2. Confirmation (including encrypted crypt field).
3. Success
4. Failure, including display of decrypted fail reason(s)

It would be great if the forms could use Ext JS (4.x) (from as I'm planning to use this for the rest of the site, but this is not essential. Please advise if you can do this.

Ideally looking for a contractor who has previously completed similar projects and can re-use existing code.

Also helpful if the contractor has an existing SagePay account that they can test it with.

Prefer a single class with properties for the required Sage fields, plus relevant methods, including encrypting the object to the crypt field and decrypting the crypt field back to the object.

Only expect to process payments (no refunds)

No database integration required, except adding commented pseudo code where the database would be updated, eg generating the vendor reference from an Identity column, and updating the payment record with the success or failure reasons.

Use a config file (eg sagePay,config) to store all settings.

Please quote a lump sum or hourly rate plus number of hours.

Important to have follow up support available in case I encounter any problems when implementing the code.
Please advise of any questions and/or assumptions made when responding.

Skills: test, sage, billing, management