Web Developer

Web Developer


Job Description

We are an ethical company which specializes in Open Source technology and currently looking for a team of web developers to work alongside an established, dedicated team of cutting-edge developers in a fast-paced environment to deliver a quick turnaround on a range of projects.

Essential Skills & Experience:

Familiarity with the Joomla! framework
MVC Development
Experience with Git and GitHub
Ability to work independently
Ability to absorb many and varied business requirements and deliver applications to fulfill these requirements in a structured and easily-maintainable manner.

Desired Skills:

Sound knowledge of data protection legislation
Exposure to and understanding of the Joomla! Content Management System
Awareness of search engine optimisation, semantic markup and responsive design

Furthermore passion for technology and the ability to work within an agile development environment is essential to be considered for the role. Ideally the successful candidate will have a solid background in developing within an Agile environment as implemented using the tool www.pivotaltracker.com.


Work closely with senior technical staff to develop and support the Joomla! extensions we manage
Develop new extensions and maintain/update existing extensions according to project briefs, bug reports, feature requests
Contribute to the ongoing enhancement of existing projects
Adhere to and develop the team's quality standards and support processes
Assist in the troubleshooting of bug reports as required
Interact with business staff in order to clarify their requirements

Working at Virya Technologies

Here at Virya Technologies we do things slightly different. Virya is an ancient Pali word which means ‘a driving force or positive energy to do good for the benefit of others’ - and this is one of the core concepts about how we run our business.

We do a lot of work with charities, and we get involved in all kinds of exciting stuff with some big name companies, as well as the little start-up companies. We also have a lot of fun, operate a fairly relaxed office, and have complete flexible working.

It can be a challenging environment at times. We expect you to be honest and truthful at all times, which also means being able to admit when you have made a mistake, being open about when you’re stuck and need some help and so forth. This involves learning how to be skillful with your speech and actions, aware of noticing when things aren't going to plan and when you need to ask for help, and working on getting better - we’re all working on it together though, so we’ll help you along the way.

We are set up as a Buddhist ‘Right Livelihood’ business, which means that we operate in line with the ‘Five Precepts’ of Buddhism. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to work for us, we have created an ethos statement based on the five precepts which explains how we work and what we expect from you, but basically we expect you to be:

Kind and compassionate
Aware of each other and our impact on the world, our environment, and other people
Open, honest and transparent
Committed to helping us grow the business

Skills: mvc, management, design, agile, troubleshooting