Web based business profit/revenue genereation

Web based business profit/revenue genereation


Job Description


I have a web based business called SexyEatz. It is findable at http://www.SexyEatz.com. The site is the world's 1st culinary arts social network. We have a spice souk which sales spices and an affiliate store with Amazon.com. We currently have 43,000+ members as well. I am looking for someone who understands web based businesses that can help turn this venture profitable. I have already done the optimization, have 23,000+ followers on facebook, and several other things thus I do not need any of the more traditional advertising or online advertising. I am looking for a real person that can help me make by business more profitable. You can see from our profile what we pay and we are serious. A good candidate will have some working ideas as to how to make a website profitable as well as a timeline on when we can start seeing some profits.

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