Moodle Developer

Moodle Developer


Job Description

What we have and what we need from you
We have a company that oversees our Magento website development. We are looking for a Moodle programmer and consultant to create our Moodle website and work with our Magento developer to handle the necessary communications between Magento and Moodle.

Magento - Moodle
We sell software through our Magento website. We would like to develop a Moodle website so that users that buy from our Magento website go to our Moodle website; setup an admin and user accounts; and then play online.

Moodle Admin (Teacher) Account
After purchasing software from our Magento website, the Moodle website must allow user to create a new Administration (teacher) account or log into an existing Admin account. The Admin account shows all user accounts created under this Admin account.

Moodle User Account
After setting up an Admin account, the Administrator will see the software that they have purchased (title and Moodle product key) and can then create a new user (student) account for the software or assign the software to an existing user account. The user can see all software (courses) that have been assigned to him from the home page of his user account. Once the software has been assigned to a user account, the user (student) can log into the account and play the software.

App Scoring Summary
Scoring data from each User app should be visible to the User account Administrator (teacher) and User (student). We intend to develop our apps using C# Mono (.net), but we need know what we should use to get the app scoring data into Moodle. For example, should we use SCORM and if so, should we use a SCORM wrapper or an API?