Admin assistant full time, $50/week or $250/month Possible $3000 bonus

Admin assistant full time, $50/week or $250/month Possible $3000 bonus


Job Description

I'm looking for a Personal Assistant. You need to organize my life. You must answer the following:


1. Internet speed from and send me your speed and ping speed, Typing speed from

2. On dating site you receive this: "Hey good to hear from you George, what are you doing now?" Reply with one paragraph, something smart/funny/stupid to make a girl want to go out with me.

3. How many hours/week can you work? Do you have any other jobs, contracts, or commitments.

4. Do you know how to use Ms Word, Excel etc? Please provide a sample of your voice and 1 paragraph writing.

$3000 Bonus: You must find a me a wife. I have automatic scripts to write to all women on,, eharmony etc
So my scripts automatically write to thousands of people. I will get some replies. Your job is to reply, writing funny and interesting nonsense to make girls go out with me. It shouldnt be hard, coz Im an Oxford graduate and future doctor. You also must organise dates for me. For every date with a doctor/lawyer/dentist girl I'll give you a $10 bonus, if I get married I will give you a $3000/bonus.