Reputation Management - No Sales! - cold calling telemarketing

Reputation Management - No Sales! - cold calling telemarketing


Job Description

We are expanding our reputation management service to more businesses located in the United States.

This is a cold call project that focuses on a few specific markets. Our leads are targeted to a specific city and suburbs to that city. There is no selling -- you are simply offering our leads a free trial of our reputation management services.

We intend for the process to take three stages:

Stage One: In order to give you a reason to call these businesses in the first place, we are going to be offering a free reputation management service package. I need you to contact the "decision maker" and see if they would like to take advantage of this offer. If not you will give them a brief overview of a mailing that will be coming to their business in the next 2-4 days. This mailing will give more details about the free service. Make sure to find out who the "decision maker" is.

Stage Two: After you inform me of results of the phone calls, I will send out the mailing on the very next day. You will then follow up with the business in exactly one week to make sure that they had a chance to look over the information, recap if needed, and see if they have any questions.

Stage Three: If they like what they have seen, you then forward the information to us and we will be in contact with them shortly after.

About The Candidate
The ideal candidate for this project should speak good English. They should have experience in this type of sales and able to provide examples. The above stages are just a guideline. I would like to polish the sales approach with the professional sales person that fills this position.

Please provide mp3 voice file if you have it. If not that is ok. We will speak during our interview. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

I hope for a positive result in this campaign so that we can go forward with new territories.

Thank you,

Skills: english, management