Create VFS/SFTP Connector for CKFinder

Create VFS/SFTP Connector for CKFinder


Job Description

Extend the open source Connector included in the java version of CKFinder

CKFinder is a module from CKSource which provides a WYSIWYG file and image manager for CKSource's CKEditor product. The Java version of CKFinder works only with the local file system on which the app server is running. We are seeking an extension of the default connector which ideally builds upon Jakarta Commons VFS so CKFinder can be used with remote file systems such as CDN's.

The candidate should have a strong background in design patterns and Java best practices. They should also be familiar with Jakarta Commons IO and VFS projects.

The deliverable for this job shall be one or more Java source files which implement the default and associated classes included in the reference implementation of Java CKFinder. The software must support all file IO functions included in the reference implementation (including but not limited to file upload, get files, copy files, thumbnail upload, move, mkdir, delete and rmdir.

The source for CKFinder is available at (be sure to download the Java version)

Skills: sftp, vfs, design