Seeking a Sr. PHP Developer w/ Symfony or Yii experience - Looking for a bright & Insightful programmer!

Seeking a Sr. PHP Developer w/ Symfony or Yii experience - Looking for a bright & Insightful programmer!


Job Description

We are currently looking to fill a Senior PHP programmer position for an exciting, cutting-edge web app project. All applicants must have extensive experience with development on Symfony (preferred) and/or Yii frameworks. As you will be the primary developer for the project, a minimum of 5 years experience as a developer is required, and you should be able to provide a sample of your source code from a portion of a previous project in either Symfony or Yii (no cheating, it must be YOUR code. We've done this long enough to where we can generally tell). Applicants need to be self motivated, and be able to come up with EFFICIENT solutions for completing certain functionalities and/or logic workflows. Essentially, we are looking for a programmer who loves what they do, and is also good at it. Furthermore, since this position is for a senior role, you MUST be able to efficiently collaborate with other junior developers and creatives (designers, etc). With this being said, proper English use and comprehension is a MUST! We cannot afford to have functionality implemented incorrectly due to miscommunications. Below are the skills we require for the position, as well as optional skills that will give you an advantage over other applicants, should you obtain them. Here are the required skills:

+ PHP MVC / MySQL experience of 5 yrs or more in Symfony and/or Yii frameworks; NO EXCEPTIONS!

+ Ability to write clean, efficient code that is easily scalable in the future. Proper use of framework shortcodes for efficiency, NO LAZY/SLOPPY SHORTCUTS! Security is high priority, so code must not have security holes (ie. ability for hackers to utilize SQL injection, etc). Code should be properly commented (and frequently) and formatting must be done so that other developers can easily add on or work with you on the source code

+ Wordpress experience; We will be using this CMS for the front end, and needs to be seamlessly integrated with the web app.

+ Experience in using Jira/Confluence and other Atlassian products; MUST be able to properly stay on top of tasks, requests, bugs, etc within the project management system (Jira). We will be using Greenhopper in conjunction with Jira for agile development.

+ Previous experience with building intricate mid to enterprise level web applications that are not only easily scalable but also able to handle multiple users. This means efficient data querying, implementation of caching, etc.

+ Has experience with custom OAuth integration, mainly for various social media login implementations.

+ Advanced experience with API integrations; The project will be using various APIs, and some will require data merges.

+ Some Front end UI programming experience; Advanced knowledge of Javascript (including jQuery) as well as advanced use of AJAX; HTML5/CSS3 experience, with ability to adhere to W3C standards. We will have a separate front end developer to implement most of the UI-based elements/pages, however you may need to help or work together with the developer.

+ Some UNIX server experience (ie. knows how to properly use crontabs, etc)

Below are the optional skills that would give you priority over other applicants. We will verify your skill levels on them, so please only let us know of the below skills you consider to be comfortable and fluent in.

+ Experience with mobile app development (iOS/Android); Ability to use mobile development SDK & environmentsPhonegap/AppMobi/Appcellerator

+ Advanced noSQL (MongoDB preferred); Must be able to provide an example of past work you've accomplished using noSQL. We'd like to use MongoDB in place of MySQL for future efficiency, so candidates with this skill will have priority (given all required skills are met)

+ node.js experience

+ Experience in Agile development

+ Expert experience with front end HTML5/CSS3/jQuery functionality

Due to the nature of the project, we will require a copy of your government ID, along with an NDA/Confidentiality agreement signed prior to providing project details and commencing work. We cannot stress this enough: THIS PROJECT REQUIRES AN INSIGHTFUL DEVELOPER! By this, we mean you need to be the type of developer who is always seeking to learn new systems & technologies, and enjoys logic-based programming. We need someone who can come up with suggestions for better ways, and someone who has self-motivation. You will need to be available FREQUENTLY for the duration of the project. We will require frequent online meetings as there are many moving parts to this project. The project is expected to start in approx. 2 weeks, and can last anywhere between 1-3 months.

If all of the above sounds like you and you like what you're reading, we'd be happy to conduct an interview with you! To apply, please copy and paste the skills you obtain from the above list (including the required tasks). We thank all applicants for your time, and we look forward to working with you here in the near future!